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The Face of Our New Blog!

June 02, 2016

The Face of Our New Blog!

Welcome everyone!!!  Not only to our NEW website, but also to our NEW BLOG!  A great venue for an exchange of practical information for healthy living and healthy products!  We have taken our past Wellness Education articles and shared them here with you on the blog.  We look forward to receiving your feedback, comments and product reviews in the future - so we can better serve you!  What's important to you?

And remember, while our website and our labels have undergone a make-over, rest assured our amazing formula's and quality ingredients have NOT changed!  We offer the same wonderful chemical free items we have since 1999!  Thank you all for making that possible! 

We are here to help and provide you with the best customer service and best products we can.  If we can be of assistance call 800-611-8331, email, tweet, facebook or just shout out!  We're happy to help!

Becky, Elizabeth, Scott, Sean and Tammy

Your Organic Excellence Team