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SQUEAKY CLEAN...Organic Excellence now for Pets

June 05, 2017

SQUEAKY CLEAN...Organic Excellence now for Pets

We Care about Pets!

At Organic Excellence we care about our Pets just like we care about you.  We have a new premium pet line formulated with the same attention to quality and detail we put into our people products. From the sourcing of top-quality natural ingredients, formulating the perfect natural blends, to finished product testing, every one of our pet formulas is subjected to the same rigorous quality standards as our human ones.

Quality Products begin with Quality Ingredients

Over our 15+ years we’ve developed strong and long-standing relationships with the best ingredient and raw material suppliers, and we leverage these relations to ensure that all our Organic Excellence products are formulated with superior natural and organic ingredients. We don’t cut corners or buy different ingredients for our pet products. We understand pets are members of our families, and deserving the same quality and safety you would expect from your own personal care products.  Chemical and Fragrance Free is just as important for your Pet as it is for you.

Why choose Chemical Free?

At Organic Excellence, we choose Chemical Free and avoid using products with harsh ingredients for ourselves and our pets. Our pets, being smaller than us, have smaller bodily systems like lungs, liver, and kidneys, which poses a greater challenge for them to eliminate toxins from the body. This is all the more reason to take extra care with our furry companions as we do with our children, and choose products for them designed with their utmost safety in mind.

Use Organic Excellence products with confidence - they are made to keep your pet beautiful and healthy.  And they are NEVER tested on animals! 

Why is pH Balance Import for our furry friends?

Did you know that baby shampoo is 150 times too acidic for a dog’s epidermis? Some pet owners use dish soap, human shampoo or even baby shampoo thinking it a milder option.  These products can easily irritate a dog's skin (cat's and horses too!) because their skin has different pH levels than ours. Dog and horse skin being more alkaline average 7.0-7.52 and humans closer to 5.2-5.5.  The more alkaline the skin makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to skin problems, inflammation and even infection when that pH balance is disrupted. If pH is disrupted it can also lead to over-drying of the epidermis, which is only 8-10 cell layers thick on a dog verses 18-20 layers thick on a human.  Overall a dog's skin is thicker but the protective epidermis layer is much thinner, thus making it critical to care for our furry friends tenderly.

It is recommended to use pet products that are specifically formulated to be pH balance for THEIR skin as to not cause irritation and chemical free to protect their fragile bodies.

Drumroll please….introducing the all New:

SQUEAKY CLEAN, the Clear Choice Pet Shampoo!

Organic Excellence is known for exceptional product quality and expertise in the natural personal care products industry, and we’re proud to bring this same commitment to every formula in our new Pet line…. starting with SQUEAKY CLEAN, the Clear Choice Pet Shampoo.

You can see for yourself.  SQUEAKY CLEAN is clear and pure! Formulated to be chemical free, fragrance free, it is a naturally pure gentle formula, safe for our furry friends.  Perfectly balanced pH neutral for their skin, not ours.   Contains certified organic botanicals and natural skin nourishing ingredients derived from comfrey root, chamomile flowers, and  jojoba beans for optimum skin health.  Coconut oil, allantion and natural glycerin help sooth, moisturize and  protect. The natural surfactant properties of these plant based materials gently lift off the dirt without stripping away protective oils from their coat and skin. Recommended for dogs, cats and horses for a gentle pH neutral shampoo. 

We hope you like it as much as we do and spread the word…  Organic Excellence is now for healthy pets too!