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Earth Day Art + Plastics Pollution: How we can save our oceans & beautify our homes

April 22, 2018

Earth Day Art + Plastics Pollution: How we can save our oceans & beautify our homes

Hi there!

Today we're celebrating Earth Day, a day dedicated to loving and caring for this beautiful planet of ours. She's pretty important wouldn't you say?

Well this year the focus is on ending plastics pollution, which in particular, is having horrible effects on our beaches, oceans and wildlife. Not only has plastic trash littered our beaches, but it's infested our oceans even to the point of microscopically entering our food chain. Many animals mistake small plastic objects for food, clogging their digestive systems and leading to death by starvation. 

But there's a lot we can do to help. 

Firstly, recycle, recycle, RECYCLE! Try to limit your purchase of non-recyclable plastics and buy a refillable water bottle.

Prevention is one thing. But there's another way to help the cause.

Need some art on your walls? Or at least a fun project to do with the kids or grandkids? Next time you go to the beach you can make trash into treasure. 

Clean the beach while scavenging for different pieces of trash and plastic to turn into a beautiful piece of mosaic art. The only rule: If you pick it up and can't put it back down! Save it or toss it in the trash or recycle bin. When you get home divide it according to color, and once you have enough of one color, grab some super glue, and a piece of white cardboard cut to 12"x12".

Before gluing, place each piece on the cardboard leaving a 1" boarder (you might want to trace this out with a pencil and ruler) and a bit of white space around each one. Once it looks the way you want it to, pick up each piece individually and glue it down. 

Once the glue has dried, place it in this frame, and voilá! The perfect piece art, that's also doing its part to protect our oceans and planet.

Washed Ashore is another organization that's making a difference by turning plastic trash into art. Check them out and support their cause...

Just in case you wanted to know more about how dire this situation is, check out the video below, put together by National Geographic. It's really well done, and so informative!

And don't forget to recycle your Organic Excellence bottles! 

Happy Treasure Hunting!

Jessika & all of us at Organic Excellence


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