Happy National Senior Citizens Day

August 19, 2020

Happy National Senior Citizens Day

Are you or someone you know a senior citizen? Did you know Friday, August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day and it was established in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan as a day to recognize the wisdom, leadership, and achievements of senior citizens?

We at Organic Excellence understand your mental and emotional needs for a positive view of life in your golden years. We know what can aid in alleviating some of the medical issues that you and other seniors face, such as cognitive decline and stress, lack of energy and appetite.

We have six tips you can use to help improve your golden years and those of seniors in your life.

1. Remember You Are Relevant, Useful, and Needed.
Everyone in some way or another wants to feel needed. Being useful is a reinforcement that you are needed. Find ways to make yourself useful and needed. A great fear among the elderly and anyone for that matter is becoming a burden. Feeling like a contributing member of the household helps to alleviate that fear. Talk with your friends and loved ones on ways you can be useful and are needed.

2. Check and Balance Your Hormones.
Seniors can benefit from getting their hormone levels tested and using progesterone cream. Women in post-menopause often find it supports breast health, cardiovascular health, bone health, nervous system health and most importantly, brain function.

Here are some benefits women in their golden year’s experience when they use our Balance Plus Therapy bio-identical progesterone cream with Phytoestrogens:
• Increases bone density
• Calms the nervous system
• Helps ease anxiety
• Mood balancing
• Supports healthy sleep patterns
• Natural anti-depressant
• Helps use fat for energy
• Natural diuretic
• Facilitates thyroid hormone action
• Normalizes blood clotting
• Increases libido
• Supports the entire adrenal system
• Normalizes blood sugar levels
• Normalizes zinc and copper levels
• Restores proper cell oxygen levels
• May help prevent endometrial cancer
• May help prevent breast cancer

Yes! Senior males experience hormonal imbalances post Andropause, because often after the age of 40, testosterone levels decline in men and estrogen levels become elevated. This results in the symptoms of Andropause, such as:
• Erectile dysfunction
• Breast enlargement
• Mood disturbances
• Depression
• Irritability
• Fatigue
• Loss of muscle
• Osteoporosis
• Increased body fat
• Difficulty concentrating
• Enlarged prostate
• Sleep disturbances

3. Maintain Physical Activity.
Try some regular physical activity. Walking, physical therapy exercises, even clapping hands to music all stimulate blood flow, relieve stress and anxiety, and encourage heart health. Exercise also improves the quality of sleep, builds stamina, and can relieve depression.

4. Monitor and Treat Depression.
Millions of seniors age 65+ are affected by depression. The cause can be a single trigger like losing a spouse, being unable to stay in your own home any longer, or retirement. Medical triggers can come from disease or even medication.

Speak with your doctor and get familiar with the signs of depression. If you notice warning signs, seek medical treatment for yourself or the senior(s) in your life.

5. Keep Mentally Active.
Everyone needs mental stimulation. Seniors like yourself or those in your life need this type of activity to retain or improve cognitive function and, also, to gain or maintain an overall sense of well-being. Do daily “brain games” such as Sudoku, crossword puzzles, reading, writing, and storytelling.

6. Keep Connected.
It is not hard to become isolated and lonely, especially if you are a senior unable to drive or have mobility issues. This places you or seniors in your life at greater risk for dementia and shorter life span. We encourage staying connected to family, friends, and community.

Attend family visits or outings, especially holidays or days of family celebration like weddings or birthdays. Line up transportation to senior centers, churches, or community functions. Volunteer. Take up a new hobby and try doing that hobby with others.

Yours in health and wellness!

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