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Save the Date! August 21, 2017 - You're Invited to Totality!

June 26, 2017

Save the Date!  August 21, 2017 - You're Invited to Totality!

You are cordially invited to witness the Union of the Sun and the Moon! 

The Sight of a Lifetime!

Spread the news of this joyous occasion...

WHEN:  On August 21, 2017

WHAT:  Millions of people across the United States will see nature's most wondrous spectacle — a total eclipse of the Sun. It is a scene of unimaginable beauty and splendor, the Moon completely blocks the Sun, daytime becomes a deep twilight, and the Sun’s corona will shimmer in the darkened sky.

WHERE:  Across the earth of course, but this one is traveling from Coast to Coast in America and is truly a lifetime occurance.  Don't miss it!


What causes a solar eclipse? According to the experts at "first fact to understand about solar eclipses is that they occur because of a remarkable cosmic coincidence: the Sun is just about the same apparent size in our sky as the Moon. While the Sun is actually about 400 times larger in diameter than the Moon, the Moon is also about 400 times closer than the Sun. Therefore, the Sun and the Moon appear to be about the same size in our sky.

This single fact explains why we see total solar eclipses - the Moon has an apparent size that just barely covers the Sun completely, yet is not too large that the Sun's atmosphere, its corona, is eclipsed as well. We on Earth occupy a celestial sweet spot to witness this sight.

If there are intelligent beings in other solar systems, the odds must be quite low that they would enjoy the same circumstance as we on Earth. So we are the beneficiaries of a wonderful cosmic coincidence.

It was not always so. When the Moon first formed around our Earth over 4 billion years ago, it was much closer to the Earth and appeared much larger in our sky. So total solar eclipses in the early epochs of our Earth did block the Sun but also most of the corona. Over the eons, the Moon is gradually receding from the Earth due to the friction from the tides. At present, the distance from the Earth to the Moon increases by about an inch per year. In some distant future epoch, the Moon's disk will become smaller such that no more total solar eclipses will be visible from Earth!"

Please visit the site for a tremendous amount of information on this eclipse and more!  A great site to help you make this Total Eclipse a truly special lifetime event!

Safety First!

At Organic Excellence we care about you and your Eyes!  NASA and other experts recommend NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY.  The only safe way to look directly at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun is through special-purpose solar filters, such as “eclipse glasses” or hand-held solar viewers. Homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun. Additionally, it is not safe to look at the sun through an unfiltered camera lens, telescope or binoculars.  For more information on safely viewing and photographing the eclipse, please visit the NASA Site at:

Good News...  Organic Excellence is  giving away 250 of these special eclipse viewing glasses.  Be one of the first 250 orders placed between July 15 and August 21, 2017 and we will send you a pair of  ISO compliant and CE certified eclipse viewing glasses.  This is a once in a lifetime event, we want you to enjoy it with peace of mind.  Safety first!

No RSVP required just show up and enjoy the Show!

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