Vitamin Deficiency and your Thyroid

July 08, 2020 2 Comments

Vitamin Deficiency and your Thyroid

Vitamins are essential in maintaining your thyroid health. However, many patients suffer from any thyroid disorder are often found to be vitamin deficient. A few symptoms of thyroid disorders include hair loss, loss of energy, sudden weight gain and difficulty in losing it, dry skin, constipation, and increases in cholesterol.

Your thyroid is mainly responsible for producing or discharging hormones that help regulate the rest of your body. Here is a general explanation for how your thyroid and hormones work together. Your body contains a TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) that is usually measured by your doctor when you go to get a thyroid checkup. The TSH comes from your brain and goes to your thyroid glands, signaling them to produce T4, which is also known as your inactive thyroid hormone. The T4 travels within your tissues and your bloodstream until it gets converted into T3, which is your active thyroid hormone. Then T3 gets into your cells to reach your nuclear receptor to increase your metabolism.

The vitamins that are found to be most deficient among patients who suffer from any thyroid disorder, are vitamins B-12, D, A, B2, and C. The deficiency of vitamin D is found to be the one of the most influential in thyroid disorders.

Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties that help increase the flexibility of your immune system. Therefore, if the levels of vitamin D in your body get seriously low, you may fall prey to autoimmune thyroid disease, also known as AITD.

Vitamin D is also critical in helping insulin resistance, which can adversely affect your thyroid physiology. Furthermore, vitamin D also plays a huge role in balancing the TH1 cells and the TH2 cells of your immune system by affecting the TH3 cells, which are responsible for the growth of differentiation and expression between your TH1 and TH2 cells. In short, a vitamin D deficiency can be a big problem.  

A deficiency in Vitamin A limits your body’s ability to produce TSH, which is essential for converting T4 into T3 and can disrupt your entire metabolic process. It can also lead to bad eyesight.

Deficiencies in vitamins B1, B6, C, and E can lead to an overactive thyroid, which weakens the muscles. Vitamin C is also responsible for keeping your thyroid healthy; if your body remains deficient in vitamin C for too long, it can cause your thyroid to produce too much hormone. This is the same with vitamin E, too, but a deficiency in vitamin E can also cause your body to produce less TSH, which, as mentioned earlier, disrupts your whole system. If your body lacks vitamin B6, it will not be able to use iodine as its raw material in producing or discharging hormones. Deficiencies in vitamin B2 suppresses the functioning of your thyroid and it fails to produce hormones. 

Last but, not the least, a weak thyroid cannot absorb vitamin B12, which may result in various neurological problems like neuritis, neuralgia, bursitis, and various mental illnesses. A deficiency in vitamin B12 can also cause and worsen Hypothyroidism, which is a deficiency in thyroid hormones.

Vitamins are important players in your body’s overall functioning. Find out what your baseline should be and talk with your doctor about supplements or vitamins to ensure you are getting all the vitamins your body needs to stay healthy!

Stay tuned! This year Organic Excellence will be offering the "Key Thyroid" At-Home Test for helping you determine if you have a thyroid dysfunction. It can provide an assessment of your thyroid health, including screening for hypo-or hyperthyroidism, determining Free T4 and Free T3 levels, testing for autoimmune thyroid disease, and monitoring thyroid replacement dosages. Our "Key Thyroid" at-home test adds an indicator of low iodine status and total T4 production by the thyroid gland.

Consider for: Alopecia, anxiety, arthralgias, constipation, depression, fatigue, Hashimotos, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, infertility, menstrual disorders (DUB, amenorrhea), mood disorders, obesity, sleep disorders, and weight issues.

Happy Harmonious Hormones for a Healthy Balanced You!

Jaime Boyachek RN FNLP

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Moneissa Green
Moneissa Green

August 24, 2020

Hello Tammi,

Thank you for reaching out on our blog, “Vitamin Deficiency and your Thyroid”. That is a superb question!

Currently, we are working hard to release to you and yours the five (5) At-Home Test Kits listed. We don’t have an exact date but we are fairly confident they will be available for purchase by 2021. Here is list of the kits we are working diligently to make available for purchase at affordable prices.

Hormone Trio: Our most popular three-test saliva hormone combo of Estradiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg), and Testosterone (T).

Five Key Hormones: Three convenient saliva profiles are offered to assess sex and adrenal hormone levels. These profiles test waking levels of estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S, and cortisol.

Key Thyroid Profile: Provides assessment of thyroid health, including screening for hypo or hyperthyroidism, determining Free T4 and Free T3 levels, testing for autoimmune thyroid disease, and monitoring thyroid replacement dosages.

Complete Stress Hormone: Tests the adrenal hormones DHEA-S and diurnal cortisol. Consider for Individuals under stress with multiple symptoms of adrenal imbalance, including immune dysfunction, fatigue, allergies, and sleep disturbances.

Comprehensive Toxin and Elements: Test if someone has too little, or too much, of the essential nutrients iodine and selenium or the trace elements bromine and lithium, or if they have been exposed to too much of the toxic elements, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. Consider for smokers, patients at risk of exposure to toxic heavy metals, or patients with thyroid issues and/or possible disruption of T4 to T3 conversion due to excesses or deficiencies of the elements tested.

Yours in health and wellness.

Moneissa Green
Marketing Director | Organic Excellence


August 05, 2020

Hi! Just wondering when the thyroid testing will be out? And if you have other tests available soon as well.

Th am you

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