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W.E. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity...Are You At Risk?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity...Are You At Risk?


Of the more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals in common use today, fewer than 20% have been tested for safety. Each year, it's estimated that 700 new chemicals are introduced into the U.S. market yet chemical companies are not required to test most for their toxicity to humans. Even when testing is done, each chemical is analyzed individually rather than in the combinations that we are actually exposed to each day of our lives.


Despite the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act designed to alert American's of the chemicals we are exposed to, the chemical industry has been allowed to stamp a "trade secret" claim on the identity of two-thirds of all chemicals introduced to the market. It is estimated that there are at least 880 variations of chemical compounds used in personal care products, cosmetics, and perfumes alone. As a result, scientists estimate that everyone carries at least 700 contaminants within their body.

Thousands of studies have demonstrated that chemical exposure can cause and contribute to some of our nation's most serious health problems. For example, leukemia, brain cancer, and other childhood cancers, have increased by more than 20% since 1975. A woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer is now one in eight. Asthma doubled in prevalence within 15 years. Approximately 2 million women each year have difficulty conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy. Autism has increased more than 10 times in the last 10 years. We would be remiss to believe a correlation doesn't exist.


It's important to note that our exposure to chemicals begins before we are born and slowly accumulates throughout our lifetime. Research shows that children exposed to chemicals found in cosmetics and fragrances while still in the womb are more likely to develop behavioral and attention problems. In a study of teen girls between 14 and 19, The Environmental Working Group detected 16 chemicals from 4 chemical families (phthalates, triclosan, parabens and musks) in blood and urine samples. What then, can we expect with continued exposure and the passing of time?

Most people assume that approved chemicals and the products they are found in are safe. After all, they have been using them for years without noticeable changes in their health. "Noticeable" is the key word. With no ability to metabolize synthetic chemicals, they slowly build up in body"s tissues, eventually overwhelming the immune system. Repeated exposure to toxic chemicals can manifest with headaches, depression, insomnia, breathing problems, joint pain, allergies, and eventually, degenerative diseases including cancer.


Many others are keenly aware of the impact chemicals have on their daily lives. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity defines the symptoms experienced after a person has been exposed to any of a wide range of chemicals and affects over 48 million men, women, and children. Sensitivity to even low levels of chemical exposure, such as personal care or other consumer products has made MCS increasingly prevalent with symptoms ranging from minor annoyances to life-threatening reactions.

Although the cause of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has yet to be determined, evidence reveals that it can occur at any time, and suggests that acute or chronic exposure to even trace amounts of chemicals accumulated in the body cause an intolerance and reaction to chemicals that didn't previously pose a problem. While some are quick to debunk MCS as simply allergies, and many medical doctors fail to diagnose it, those with the disorder are undeniably sick and experience job loss, hospitalization and life-long chronic illnesses as a result.


  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Irritibility
  • Confusion, difficulty concentrating and memory problems
  • Intolerance to heat or cold
  • Stuffy head or congestion
  • Breathing Problems
  • Changes in heart rhythm
  • Chest pain
  • Muscle pain and/or stiffness
  • Bloating or gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rash, itching and/or hives
  • Mood changes


It's virtually impossible to avoid exposure to chemicals in our industrialized world. However, there are effective ways to lower your risk for chemical sensitivity. Each time you make even the smallest step toward avoiding chemicals, you are making a healthy choice toward a healthier, happier, more vibrant life.

  • Use chemical free personal care products.
  • Reduce your exposure to chlorine in your water with a Chlorine Filter Shower Head.
  • Use wheat (gluten) products sparingly.
  • Avoid genetically modified foods. (Soy products, corn, canola oil, chicory, radicchio, papaya, potatoes, squash, tomatoes.) Choose organic instead.
  • Use chlorine-free products and unbleached paper products whenever possible.
  • Choose chemical free laundry soap and household cleaning products.
  • Avoid pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
  • Reduce the use of plastics whenever possible.
  • Buy food grown locally and in season, organic if possible.
  • Buy hormone free meats and dairy products to avoid pesticides.
  • Minimize your exposure to nail polish and nail polish removers.
  • Use naturally based fragrances, such as essential oils.
  • Be aware of noxious fumes from paint, gas, etc.


The Organic Excellence personal care products are 100% free of chemicals, artificial fragrances and gluten. Whether you are dedicated to purchasing earth friendly products, seeking the health benefits of a chemical free lifestyle, or you are experiencing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, the Organic Excellence products are an ideal choice for the whole family.

We are proud of the ingredients we use, the results our customers enjoy and our excellence customer service. What else makes the Organic Excellence products special?

Established in 1999: Organic Excellence was a pioneer in the development of chemical free health and personal care products.

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Gluten Free: We utilize gluten free ingredients making our products safe for gluten sensitive skin.

No artificial fragrances: The Wild Mint Hair Care System and Spearmint Bodywash contain a hint of revitalizing certified organic mint extracts. All other products are 100% fragrance free.

No GMO ingredients: Genetically modified ingredients are never used.

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Cruelty Free: Organic Excellence never uses ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Made in the USA: Our products are made in a certified organic manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We produce small batches at a time to assure quality and freshness.


Medical Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of a licensed medical doctor. Organic Excellence does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have or suspect a mental or physical health condition, please see your healthcare provider.