Doctors Testimonial

The Best Natural Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream

 "I have tested all the others on the market and yours is the BEST! I have 99% of my female patients who need progesterone using Organic Excellence. This is because it is simply better than anything they could get from any other resource out there. Even the compounding centers produce junk. Especially the bases that the progesterone ends up in.

This was the biggest benefit for my wife Wendy. She has no tolerance for the junk that is put into most creams. Even the so-called natural creams are filled with additives to the formulas to make them look to the average consumer like they are getting more for their money. However, they only act like Xenoestrogens.

The key with hormone cream is to make it as plain as you can and not to make it in such a manner that it won't absorb. This has been what makes Organic Excellence so much better than all the rest. I have tested all the others on the market and have found others to not be any good.

Organic Excellence, you can be proud of the product that you are making available to your clients. I would say to anyone who needs hormone support to get your products and try them for 90 days, and see the difference." 
- Dr. James Reese